June 2009 Monthly Results

Chris Wymer   -9*       $75
Angel Garcia    -7         $39.50
Kevin Gomez    -7         $39.50
Willie Lister      -4
Mike Ballestas -3
Rick Bays         even
Mike Tyberg    even
Josh E              +2
Marc Jarvis     +4
Mike Lust        DNF
Alex                 DNF

Chris Hanau     -12^     $50 shop credit + grab bag
D-unit               -9         $42 shop credit
Randy Wylot    -7         $28.75 shop credit
Serban              -7         $28.75 shop credit
John Maki        -5
Jonathan Maki  -3
Adam                -3
Augie               -1
Parnell             -1
Paul Stephens   -1
Ian                    even
Josh D              +7
Danny Z           +8

Garrett Burk     -7      $40 shop credit + grab bag
KC Sowa           -4         $33 shop credit
Patrick P          +4        $23 shop credit
Tracy               +4        $23 shop credit
Brooks             +6        $16 shop credit
Stretch             +6
Shooter            +7
Shane D           +8
Sage                 +8
David               +10
Seho                +11
RJ                    +13
Bill                   +16
Heath               DNF

* Chris Wymer set a course record for the highest total score to ever win a monthly at Morley in the Open division.

^ Bumped up to next division

Three aces were hit on the day.  The first two were in the first round by Marc Jarvis and KC Sowa.  Mike Ballestas began the second round with an ace on hole 18.

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