Bag Tag Melee Results

mikeb17 SD Aces members showed up early Sunday morning ready to put their tags on the line, with Angel Garcia bringing in the low tag #16.  It was a perfect day to play disc golf with clear skies, no wind, and warm Socal weather. While the Chargers were on TV running over the Chiefs, the course opened up and lines were very short allowing a steady pace round.  It was Mike B. who ended up shooting an impressive -10, taking the Winner spot and selecting a custom stamped 2009 Sun Valley Star Boss from the grab bag prizes donated to the Aces by its members.  Grace Rivas, San Diego Aces newest member, signed up this morning for a 2009 membership to play in the challenge and ending up winning a custom Tie-Dye stamped 2009 End of the Trail Classic Avenger SS from the $1 raffle.  What a great reward for becoming a member!

Player         Score     Tag In     Tag Out

Mike B.          -10       244      16

Jason               -6         93        48

Chris McCoy   -3         98        85

Brendon Wear  -3        163      93

Aaron V.             -3         360      98

Sage                     -2         121      121

RJ                         -2         224      123

J Bird D               -1         85        163

Hawk                    -1         262      167

Patrick P.               1          257      208

Utah                        2          228      224

Shooter                  3          123      228

Pete R.                    5          48        244

Mike Holmes         5          167      257

Steve Roberts         7          208      262

Grace R.                   7          359      359

Angel                       DNF     16        360

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