Spring Fling Signups Roster

Advanced MA1

Tyler Tremelling 57406

Shaun James 56831

Matt Howard 46716

Daniel Boe 53503

Fred Aguero

Ben Neely 22216

Jack Daniels 39125

Dale Chambless 41010

Carl Renda 32852

Mike Tyberg 37755

Shane Dehner 39169

Chad Duckworth

Taylor Mate 49145

Jason Purdue 56547

Justin Martinez 49953

Travis Cutler 50619

Chad Nichter 50192

Tom Vincent

Casey Sowa

Greg Stanbro

Patrick Paramore 38001

Edwin Rodriguez 51360

Salvador Brambila 49185

Jason “Jet” Tydingco 56202

Mark Verrochi 41379

Dave Dohr 47985

Mike Xazarian 52016

Intermediate MA2

Chris Parker

Hans Desner

Billy Romhild 11884

Danny Zwolenski 28993

Robert Martin 25847

James Barnes 47955

Joey Capparilli

Eddie Arinduque

Richard Ewald 52674

Chris Wright

Santos Miranda

Daniel Vega

Wes Schneider 45240

Damon Newman

David Brambila

Jason Wolck

Glen Kluge 51365

Michael Olivarez 46530

Cliff Griswold 44347

Recreational MA3

Sean Mantell

Eric Repp 57912

Jack Fluty 58279

Thomas Matlock

Stuart Coleman 916

Novice MA4

Richard Ayers

Gregory Davis

William Schneider 54367

Masters MM1

Jay Harbin

Doug Larhette 50212

Braden Coolidge 50095

Steve Fawcett

Alex Mate 43781

Mark Hauser 13459

Robert Eames

Jeff Nessen 21884

Chris Ganem

Mike Henry

Grandmasters MG1

Jeff Brown 43727

Xian Cullen 28200

Bill Richards 11016

Ben Farrington

Spence Stevess 47078

Jeff Graham

Randy Brown

Don Vincent

Advanced Women FW1

Pam “Iam” Vaughn 54207

Shonda Garcia 46370

Allie Robles

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2 Responses to “Spring Fling Signups Roster”

  1. Edwin Rodriguez Says:

    Anyone know who i make thr check out to? Or can i send cash?

  2. eric repp Says:

    Edwin, i just printed the form and took cash to the pro shop

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