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Disc Golf Beeper

Posted in In The News, Product Reviews on October 24, 2012 by morleyfieldsd

Pretty interning idea.

From their website…

Disc Beeper is an electronic device that is centrally placed underneath a Disc or Frisbee that allows players to easily find their Disc or Frisbee especially during the sport “Disc Golf.”

This device only weighs 6 grams and shows absolutely no noticeable effect on disc flight.

Disc Beeper also has a waterproof design. It has 3 distinct modes that allows up to 3 players to play at once. Disc Beeper has a push-button to turn it on requiring 550 grams of force to engage. Once the Disc Beeper is turned on, there is a 45 second delay to allow launch and attempted retrieval, allowing the user to throw it and will beep every 3 seconds until you turn it off.

Disc Beeper is rechargeable via included micro usb cord. It holds up to 7-8 hours under 1 charge of 1 hour.

This post is for information only. Product not available in stores or proshop.

(thanks to Ian Funston for the lead)


Posted in In The News on August 30, 2012 by morleyfieldsd

A New Disc Golf Course In San Diego?

Posted in In The News on January 16, 2011 by morleyfieldsd

Center City Disc Golf Course
Could it be?…
Will it happen?…

We will keep you posted!

Morley Local Making Disc Golf Happen Across The Globe

Posted in In The News with tags on January 10, 2011 by morleyfieldsd

Most Morley locals cant help but remember Bruce Weber and his recent move to Israel to to see his dream of Disc Golf in his homeland. Well, it looks like his vision / hard work is paying off. Check out this PDGA Sanctioned event (click here) and send Bruce a congrats.

New PDGA Rule Changes: Holing Out (803.13)

Posted in In The News with tags on December 27, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

HOLING OUT: 803.13
Starting in 2011, a player will not have to remove the disc to complete the process of holing out which was required under current rules. Once the group has decided the disc has come to rest, the player has holed out.

Several target related terms have been officially defined and added to the Definitions section 800 in support of the Holing Out rule. Definitions for Basket Target, Tray, Chains, Chain Support and Pole have been added.

Groups will now be responsible to make judgment calls on how discs enter the basket. Discs that attempt to enter or actually get all the way into the chains or basket thru the top of the chain support or thru the side or bottom of the basket now will not count if the group or official sees that happen. This means wedgies, most which wedge from the outside, now will not count unless it was a blind shot where no one saw how the disc wedged. Putts that are observed to properly enter the basket from above the rim and then wedge trying to get out will count as holed out like before.

These changes for holing out mean calls for the “putting tree” photo shown below that was in the Rules School story on Interference need to be updated. Under the old rules, only the yellow disc would not have been considered holed out when the player removed it. Under 2011 rules, the white and red discs are holed out (IN). The yellow disc as before and the orange disc hanging on the nub outside the basket are NOT IN. The orange disc balancing on the rim, which used to be considered IN, is now considered OUT in the 2011 rules because the disc is not entirely supported by the pole, inner wall or bottom of the basket. The orange wedgie is now NOT IN if the group observed it wedge from the outside. If the group did not see it or watched it clear the top basket wire then wedge on the way out, it is IN.

More rule changes here.

Morley Locals Crush SoCal Championships

Posted in In The News, Tournament, Uncategorized with tags on November 9, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Congratulations to Angel Garcia, Morley local and Pro Shop employee for winning the advanced division of the 2010 SoCal Championship Series at La Mirada this past weekend. Morley swept the division with the top four places with great rounds by Daniel Litchman, Alex Nichols and Max Nichols.

PDGA Scoring

Scores in order :

Name Score Total
Angel Garcia -16 149
Daniel Lichtman -14 151
Alexander Nichols -13 152
Maxwell Nichols -13 152
Adazm Nash -7 158
Carl Renda -7 158
Benjamin Rutherford -6 159
Evan Taylor -6 159
Luke Christensen -6 159
Benjamin Farris -5 160
Joshua Damron -5 160
Rhett Stroh -5 160
Josh Marsh -3 162
Aj Risley -3 162
Spence Stevens E 165
Dale Chambless E 168
Eric Simmons 1 166
Brendan Sage 2 170
Danny Zwolenski 7 172
Joshua Hesser 9 177
Mark Hawking 10 178
Mike Henry 16 184
Brian Dowling 18 186
Amber Ivy 26 194
Laurie Stroh 29 197
Robert Martin 29 197
Mark Wilson 29 197
Michelle Chambless 30 198
E.j. Simmons 30 198
Natalie Cook 37 205
Sofia Martin 54 222
Rita Nash 60 228

Disc Golf For PS3 Winner!

Posted in In The News on October 29, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

CONGRATULATIONS to Indigo Brude of La Mirada who won the latest and greatest disc golf video game. Those that know Indigo agree that it couldn’t have gone to a more worthy disc golfer!

Watch demo –


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