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Disc Golf Police Blotter

Posted in In The News, Useless Information with tags on July 14, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

1. Wow
2. Wow
3. Wowee!

Morley Local Evan Taylor Runs For PDGA Board

Posted in In The News with tags on July 9, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Evan Taylor, a longtime favorite of  Morley Field locals has placed his name in the running to become the 2011 Southern California PDGA State Coordinator. Along with becoming one of the top players in his division over the past few years, Evan has played a huge part in the Disc Golf community in SoCal volunteering  his time to tournaments and clubs in the Los Angeles area and when he can, San Diego. Evan goes to school and works in the Fullerton area but his home is in San Diego where his family resides in Bonita.

If you have had the opportunity to play a round or two with Evan you know behind his mild-mannered demeanor is a disc golfer with a great passion for the sport (and people in general). Look for Evan next time you’re at Morley, LaMirada, Huntington, Long Beach etc.. and chat it up with him. Even better ask around and you’ll hear nothing but good things about Evan Taylor.

Good luck Evan!
PDGA members… get out and vote!

Evan’s Facebook
Evan’s Morley Player Profile

Who Really Is Number One?

Posted in Editorial, In The News on June 1, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

It seems the more you play Morley the more people you’ll meet from out of town. Thats part of the fun of the sport, meeting new players from S.D. and abroad. If you listen close enough you’ll hear almost every single person inform you that “their” course was one of (if not THE) first course built in the US. If this writer had a dollar for everytime he has heard this he would have more than enough for private disc golf lessons from Micah (or maybe Feldberg). “mycoursewasfirstitis” seems to be contagious. If you are traveling away from San Diego, ba careful, you might catch it. btw… Morley IS one of the first courses built in the U.S. (lol)

On that note here is an article for the new course in Thousand Oaks, CA. claiming their stake.

note – played “Rabbit Flats” 5/29/10. Small course surrounding a large hill. churned up dirt clods and dry weeds (for now). Short holes/multiple baskets. Very nice tee pads/benches. Well thought out for what land they had to work with (9 acres). If you like to play Montiel, you might like this. Will be better with upcoming landscaping. Not worth the drive from S.D. but worth checking out if you are in the area.

Xaelen, Xaelen, He’s The Man…

Posted in In The News, Player Profiles with tags on May 6, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

… if he can’t do it, no one can!

Morley “Legend” Xaelen Nash breaks a World Record for longest throw. View story/video here.

We are ALL proud of you Xaelen!
You’ll be taking our tags (and cash) soon!

New Course in Chino: Prado DGC

Posted in In The News with tags on March 27, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Quick review after two rounds: If Whittier Narrows and La Mirada had a baby… link to course info

Move Over Disc Golf. Pole Dancing In The Olympics?

Posted in Humor / Comics, In The News with tags on February 26, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

That’s right… Olympic Pole Dancing!

A petition is circulating for a test event at the 2012 Olympics in London for Competitive Pole Dancing., with a formal event following at the 2016 games in Rio De Janeiro. While the pole dance competition would obviously exclude stripping, it would “embrace the athleticism and gymnastics” involved with the “sport”.

It could happen:
1900 Paris Games hosted Pidgeon Racing AND a Pidgeon Shooting event (hopefully separate events)
1900 – 1920 Tug-of-War was an Olympic event
1932 Los Angeles games held Rope Climbing

Whats next?:
Pinball?, Typing?, Tire Swinging?, Guitar Hero?, Limbo?, 1m Belly Flop (actually, that would be cool!)

Disc golf (and ultimate) were in the World Games in Japan in 2001, Unfortunately, disc golf did not make the 2005 games, and only ultimate represented flying disc sports in 2009. Because disc golf is no longer represented within WFDF, it’s unlikely that disc golf will make it back to the World Games, which at one time, was thought of as a way into the Olympics.

What is Disc Golf doing wrong that puts us lower on the list than Pole Dancing? (trying to limit all the bad puns, jokes, etc…). O.K., yes, the majority of Disc Golfers out there are “fans” of both “sports”, we get it!


Frisbee Inventor Dies At Age 90

Posted in In The News with tags , on February 12, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

2/11/10 – Walter Frederick Morrison, the man credited with inventing the Frisbee, has died at the age of 90.

“That simple little toy has permeated every continent in every country, as many homes have Frisbees as any other device ever invented,” McIff, who is from Morrison’s hometown, Richfield, Utah, said. “How would you get through your youth without learning to throw a Frisbee?”

Morrison sold the production and manufacturing rights to his Pluto Platter in 1957. The plastic flying disc was later renamed the Frisbee, with sales surpassing 200m discs. It is now a staple at beaches and spawned sports such as Frisbee golf and the team sport Ultimate.

Morrison co-wrote a book with Frisbee enthusiast and historian Phil Kennedy in 2001. Kennedy released a brief statement on Thursday, wishing his late friend “smoooooth flights”.

According to Kennedy, Morrison and his future wife, Lu, used to toss a tin cake pan on the beach in California. The idea for what would become the Frisbee grew as Morrison considered ways to make the cake pans fly better and, after serving as a pilot in the second world war, he began manufacturing his flying discs in 1948.

He would hawk the discs at local fairs and eventually attracted Wham-O Manufacturing, the company that bought the rights to Morrison’s plastic discs.

Kennedy says Wham-O adopted the name Frisbee because that’s what college students in New England were calling the Pluto Platters. The name came from the Frisbie Pie Co, a local bakery whose empty tins were tossed like the soon-to-be Frisbee.


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