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Morley Player Profile: Bill Richards

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Bill Richards
Nicknames: “Boomer Bill” and “Mr. Putter” (not because I make them)
PDGA#: 11016
Division: Pro Legends in 2011 (I will be 69 yrs. old)

Began Playing Disc Golf:
I started playing around 1993 or 94.  I played tournament racquetball for 20 years and the younger guys were starting to pound me.  I have two sons that when I played them in racquetball I didn’t let up much.  They found disc golf and played for about a year before  inviting me to play.  They did not let up. The first round I threw 28 over.  But, what I found was a sport that converted over very well from racquetball and was played in age brackets.  I was off and running.

First Disc:
167 Panther (Still have it.)

Favorite Hole at Morley:
16 in the long position. (big an-hyser)

Favorite Story:
Consistency is everything!  I was playing hole one in the C position at Morley Field.  I threw a hyser over the top of the trees on the right and stuck the disc in the very top branch of the tallest tree.  I just said forget about it and kept playing.  When I was up on hole one to start the second round, I threw the same hyser shot.  I knocked my stuck disc out of the top of the tree.

Morley Field Aces:
30 +

Favorite Disc:
2nd run candy Valkyrie

Favorite Drivers:
150 R-Pro Boss

Favorite Midranges:
San Marino Roc

Favorite Putter:
R-Pro Cro

In My Bag:
I carry 40 or 50 disks in my trunk + what’s in my bag. My bag changes depending on the course I am playing.  I have several of the same model and weight discs that go in and out of my bag. This gives me good disc rotation and makes it less traumatic when I lose a disc.  At this time my bag contains:

168 JK PRO Aviar – X putter — I use this for approaching and putting in the wind. If I was in Las Vegas and in the real bad wind, I would use my ROC to putt with.
175 R-Pro Cro – Very straight and sticky putter (I know it’s a midrange, but it’s a great putter).
150 R-Pro Boss – This is an old beat up disc I have to give a big hyser to when I throw it.  This is my longest driver with the wind.  It has a beautiful S flight.
153 Champion Valkyrie – Not as long in distance, but a much more accurate driver.  I use this with the wind when I have little room for error.
167 Champion Valkyrie – This is one of the first flat top Valkyrie’s.  Into moderate wind this is fairly straight.
172 Star Destroyer (2007 Gentlemen’s Club Disc) – This is beat up and fairly straight and long for a Destroyer.
170 Champion Destroyer (Fling XI Tournament Disc) – Awesome into the wind long driver.
174 KC Pro TeeBird – Medium to long approach Hyser.
180 San Marino ROC – Straight approach.  Great for a World’s type course where you are throwing through trees, narrow fairways or mandatory’s.
172 Special Edition Leopard – Long and short left breaking roller. 
178 Stingray – Older flat top.  Long right breaking roller.  A secret shot to get through tough, tight or narrow fairways is to hyser a Stingray low and straight and it will go straight for a100 to 150 feet.
180 Stingray – A short right roller. Perfect for an easy birdie on Morley hole one in the short  position.  I buy these from Snapper out of the rental inventory.  The more beat up the better.

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):
1996 WFDF Pro Senior Grand Master World Champion – 2002 PDGA Pro Senior Grand Master World Doubles Champion – I have played in the last 8 PDGA Pro Senior Grand Master World Championships, highest finish 3rd – Held the World Pro Senior Grand Master distance record, longest 413 ft. – 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2004 So Cal Senior Grand Master Series Champion 

Favorite Disc Golf Website:
PDGA, Aces and Morley Field

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
First thought – Practice, Practice and Practice.  Second thought –When you let up, the disc will fly further.  You will understand when you do it.  Don’t over throw.  Third thought – As you throw most discs will get beat up and change.  Understand they are changing and change your throw with them.  You will find some of your older discs to be your best discs.

Morley Player Profile: Brian Vallance

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Brian Vallance
Nickname: BV
Division: Intermediate

Began Playing Disc Golf:
About 6 years ago my little brother introduced me to the sport…soon after I was hooked,but it was’nt till I arrived at morley that my addiction for the sport grew. I will always consider morley field my home course!

Favorite Hole At Morley:
This is a thoughy!….#6 is prob my fav. it is an up hill shot with a variety of throwing options….either straight up, big hyzer or a clean anhyzer.

First Disc:

Morley Field Aces:
13-g was the first with a surge flx max weight…2nd ace was with an xd putter on hole 2-c…and the 3rd was with my trusty r-pro roc 2-e

Favorite Disc:

Favorite Driver:
champion wraith…just like my roc it does what I want it to

Favorite Midrange:
any ROC…see above for reason..

Favorite Putter:
xd hands down…you can hyzer it, roll it,anhyzer it!

In My Bag:
1) XD 175 ( ACE HOLE 2)
3) 175 R-PRO ROC (ACE HOLE 2)
5) 175 KC PRO ROC
7) 175 SQUALL
10) 175 SURGE FLX (ACE HOLE 13)
13) 175 PRO WRAITH
15) 175 STAR BOSS
16) 175 ESP NUKE

Favorite Pro Player:
prob Ken Climo he is just so smooth in his style and makes it look effort-less when he throws

Tips For New Players or Players Trying To Improve:
just have fun with the sport learn your disc and play with people better than you….but most important DON’T STRESS OUT IT’S ONLY WIND!

Morley Player Profile: Ryan Meyer

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Ryan Meyer
Nicknames: Ramske
PDGA# 34987
Intermediate – Advanced (soon)

Began Playing Disc Golf:
I think it was 06 or 07?  I was instantly hooked and have played at courses throughout the US.  I’ve played in a few tournaments but have been more interested in having fun with the sport.  Kit Carson Park has been my baby for the
last 3 years and now that the course is open, April 25 2010, I’ll get tons of practice in… out Pros, I’m coming for ya!

First Disc:
175g Yellow Champion Valkyrie – This Disc has taught me quite a bit about how a disc’s flight path changes with age and the development of your game.

Favorite Hole at Morley:
Without a doubt, Hole 11, position F.  Blind double mandatory!  Excellent risk-reward hole.  Great design! 

Morley Field Aces:
Hole 14, rocket hyzer around the trees, 170g Red Star Orc.  First Ace ever!

Favorite Disc:
171g Star Leopard – Great control disc for me, will flip over, go straight, or hyzer, depending on the speed of the spin.

Favorite Driver:
171g Star Boss –predictable flight

Favorite Midrange:
175g Star Cro – This disc is awsome!  Stable, with a predictable fade.  Great straight shooter for me.

Favorite Putter:
170g KC Pro Aviar – I’ve tried sticky floppy putters, and they don’t work for me…

In My Bag:
170g KC Pro Aviar (2x)
175g Star Cro
171g Star Leopard
175g Star TL
150g Champion Banshee (for funzies)
150g Star Classic Roc
170g Discraft Breeze
170g Champion Sidewinder
172g Champion Roadrunner
169g Star Wraith
171g Star Starfire
174g Star Firebird
170g Star Destoyer
170g Star Orc
171g Star Boss
175g Champion Valkyrie
171g Star Valkyrie

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes:
Check in with me once I really start playing tournaments

Favorite Disc Golf Website:,

Favorite Pro Player:
Dave Feldberg – Great player, great promoter of the sport.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
I tell everyone that comes out to play with me for the first time that they need to give the game at least 10 tries before they decide whether or not they like it.  After that 10th round you’ll just be getting the hang of throwing the disc and I’m sure you’ll be hooked.  Like any sport, this game is really easy to learn, but will take years to master, and that’s the fun part!  During the first week of playing this sport I bought several overstable drivers and almost quit because I couldn’t throw them with any sort of consistency!  Work your way through the discs, starting with midranges, then fairway drivers, and finally to the overstable drivers so you can develop control before adding power and distance.  You’ll thank me later.

Xaelen, Xaelen, He’s The Man…

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… if he can’t do it, no one can!

Morley “Legend” Xaelen Nash breaks a World Record for longest throw. View story/video here.

We are ALL proud of you Xaelen!
You’ll be taking our tags (and cash) soon!

Morley Player Profile: Steve Roberts

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Steve X. Roberts
Nickname: SXR, Knuckles
Division: Novice

Began Playing Disc Golf:
I started playing the Summer of ’08. My brother took me out one day after a particularly bad workweek. I was a interesting way to blow of steam throwing disc as hard and far as possible. After that I started going out more and more for the excercise for myself and my dog, Phoenix, the culture playing and a bit of sibling rivalry.

Favorite Hole At Morley:
I really enjoy the long positions for Holes 5, 10 and 19. I get a kick out of throwing long bombs when the chance arrives.

First Disc:
My first disc was the one by brother gave me, a 171 destroyer. Later it became my dogs disc when we play.

Morley Field Aces:
Hole 1 at 197′ and hole 17 at 176′ in one day. I have also aced hole 16 at 225′ with a driver and a putter. Hole 9 at 285′. Black aced hole 8 from pad 7.

Favorite Disc:
My dog Phoenix, a guaranteed bird everytime if I give him the disc. My Champion Valkyries at 175g. Just tends to be my good all around go to disc.

Favorite Driver:
Tie dye 175 Champion Valkyrie. I can get it to bomb far and fairly straight. I can also get it to turn over and hold the line when needed.

Favorite Midrange:
175 Afterschock. I goes exactly where I throw it and if I need a roller it works great there too.

Favorite Putter:
My purple/red FLX Challenger 173g. It works pretty good for me since I understand the characteristics of it and get it to go in 9/10 times.

Favorite Disc Golf Website: becuase it shows and talks about all the local events and people there. If I want to check out another course I can be taken directly to the info I need with the easy links. Oh and Mark Wilson is a great Webhost/Webcreater.

Favorite Pro Player:
That is easy, Snapper. The guy makes everything look effortless. He knows what he is doing and is really good at recommending Disc to use/try, tips and techniques to change your game up and improve it.

Tips For New Players or Players Trying To Improve:
Talk to Snapper. The man really knows his stuff. He has helped me improve my throws and technique. Other than that watch others who play, observe how they throw and putt. You can also group up with someone who has been there for a while and pick up tips. Most of all it is a game. Don’t take things to seriously other wise you just aggravate yourself and start doing poorly.

Morley Player Profile: Jens Ritchie

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Jens - far right

Jens Christensen Ritchie 
(sounds like “yenz”)
Nickname: My family calls me Jens, some pepole call me Ritchie and a few call me Weezer um i dunno about the last one.
PDGA#: shawwww I wish but for now its just about playing and having fun
Division: recreational/family competitions (he…he…he)

Began Playing Disc Golf:
I started out of my senior year playing with this guy I knew I had played with beach disc all my life some ultimate frisbee here and there but he told me about this course in Balboa park where you could play this game disc golf and I said what…wait..huh…show me ? As for why I started playing when I saw some random old guy throw at hole five in the deep position I said ok I want to do that and so I went out a few more times and was hooked…..oh yeah!!!

First Disc:
My first disc was a Shark. I only had it for a few weeks and I then I lost it in the big tree that fell on the 18th/19th hole before that cleared out the leaves and branches oh well

Favorite Hole at Morley:
My favorite hole wold have to be five in the deep. I have a good strong arm and I can throw straight so I love to watch it go out there and hit close. I’m getting better and hope to deuce it some time soon

Morley Field Aces:
None yet. some duces but when I do get an ace I’ll be the first in my family to get one (bragging rights)

Favorite Disc:
my dx cobra because it was the second disc had after i lost my shark i went to the pro shop and as what was a good disc and some characteristics like the shark and the guy there said a cobra was good that it had more of and s turn i was like ok whatever (note: i was still learning the game) but i try it and like it now here we are 5, 6 or 7 years later and i had to retire it and get a new one (still learn to fine tune my game) in dx plastic

Favorite Driver:
My favorite and most used driver is a Millenium JLS. It is straight and to the point and does good for my arm

Favorite Midrange:
My Cobra

Favorite Putter:
I have a random Grateful Dead putter I dont use but get props for (score one for the hippies),but dont use it so just use my Cobra alot. Ii did just get an Aeroso ill see if my style changes ?

In My Bag:
DX Wraith
Millineum JLS
DX Goblin
DX Cobra
DX Aero
i also have a golden retriever for water O.B shots (note: I lost two discs,  a star sidewinder and a some Lance Armstrong disc from some tourney at fountain hills before I bought the retriever)

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes:
No win or finishes yet but im the first person in my family to get the lowest score ever and first to duece on any courses hah beat that uncle frank ha…ha…hah !!!

Favorite Disc Golf Website:
Innova. I love the discs and always go for their stuff (except for my JLS which is a millennium but its made by Innova whats with that ?)

Favorite Pro Player:
Micah Dorius. He is a super cool guy. I’ve never seen him in play but he looks like a cool guy. I love his how to vids on the website. Its been helping me to work on my shots. keep’um comin

Tip For New Players and Players Looking To Improve:
ok for new player rent a disc and try the game and if you like it go and buy a disc at big five when there on sale a shark or cobra practice your throw get it to go straight if you can or try to keep it level once to get tor throw down work on distance and accuracy then work on tricks rollers turnovers etc. and last practice putts all day and every day your not playing it helps for players looking to improve i say go and get a practice basket (travel basket folds up in a bag and goes any where) they work good and help me to drive longer and hard also helped me to putt somewhat better also dont be afraid to try new techniques like rollers and tomahawks they can work and last but not least dont worry about style its not important how you look on the course its how you play

Morley Player Profile: Christina Scantlin

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Cristina Scantlin
PDGA#: 42326
Division:  Intermediate

Began Playing Disc Golf:
In May 2009 at Morley with my Best Friend Meesh and Dale aka Godfather. … It is fun and challenging all at the same time.

First Disc:

Favorite Hole at Morley:
Hole 14 is where I hit a 50 foot putt and got a Birdie on it

Morley Field Aces: 0

Favorite Disc:
My Avenger since I’m able to side arm it and I know how it flies.

Favorite Driver (and why?):
150 Valkyrie… it was my first disc and I finally know what it does

Favorite Midrange:
AfterShock… it just feels good.

Favorite Putter (and why?):
I don’t have one just yet. I keep going between an Aviar, a Rhyno, and now possibly an Aero.

In My Bag:
R-Pro Boss

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley:
5th place at the 2009 Lady Lama and 4th place at 2010 Fountain Hills Thrills

Favorite Disc Golf Website (and why?):,, and

Favorite Pro Player (and why?):
Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Learn how to throw flat and you’ll go far… Pretend there is a glass of water on the disc and you don’t want to spill it.

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Disc Golf Story / Moment?:
Lets see… My first day out on the course I was on a card with Hawk and while I was throwing my squall on hole 6 I hit him in the “Non-throwing” arm. And if that wasn’t enough I have hit 3 more people and have come close to hitting about 6 other people, so whenever I play with new people I warn them ahead of time.

Morley Player Profile: Brendan Sage

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editors note – in honor of the upcoming New Orleans Saints victory in the Super Bowl, we present “Sage”, ‘Orlean’s native and Hurricane Katrina survivor. Sage is one of the founding members of the new kids disc golf organization –  YDGA. Read his story there.

Brendan Sage “aka” Sage
PDGA#: 39549

Began Playing Disc Golf:
1997 at Buccaneer State Park in Waveland, MS

First Disc:
DX Shark and a Purana putter

Favorite Hole at Morley:
15 D was my first ace at Morley but hole 17 is my favorite because it reminds me of back home. (lots of trees)

Morley Field Aces:
holes 1,2 twice,4,15 twice, 16, and hole 19

Favorite Disc:
DGA Sparkle Squall

Favorite Driver:
Champ. Orc

Favorite Midrange:

Favorite Putter:
This week it’s  a KC Pro  Aviar last week was the Reef and maybe I’ll go back to my Magic, who knows ask the chains!

In My Bag:
Star Boss
Champ Orc
Champ Katana
Champ Excaliber
Champ Sidewinder
Star Teerex
2 Sparkle Rouge
Champ Tee Bird
Sp. Squall
Champ Gator
Sp. Reef
KC Pro Aviar

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes:
2009 Morley Field Course Championship AM 5Th Place -5

Favorite Disc Golf Website:

Favorite Pro Player:
Bobby Musick He loves to play the game and has fun while he does it!
Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
Find a pro in your area play with them and ask them as many questions as you can with out making them run away hoping you will be quiet for just 5 minutes! good luck and keep sling’n

Morley Player Profile: Patrick Paramore

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Patrick Paramore (Mr. 500)
PDGA #38001
Socal #721
Advanced/ Intermediate

Began Playing Disc Golf:
A friend from work invited me out to Morley Field in August 2007 to meet for our fantasy football draft.  He introduced me to disc golf that day and I haven’t stopped the fever since. In 2009 I started my PDGA tour and played in 16 PDGA sanctioned events, competing in INT, ADV, and PRO.  I ended up finishing first in San Diego Aces Intermediate Points, fifth in Intermediate Socal Points, and earned over 1,000+ PDGA points to get an invitation to the 2010 Am Worlds in Ohio.  It has been a great first year tour and thank you to all the friends, players, and volunteers throughout Socal for making it a possibility.

First Disc:
Blue Discraft Elite X Stratus (Snapper picked it out for me at the Pro Shop)

Favorite Morley Field Hole:
Hole 4, lefty hole.  Just like to see my drive fly over the tree-line into hole 5 fairway for fun. It’s the picture on the front banner for Morley website.

Morley Field Aces:
4 Aces.

1C skip-blind ace, couldn’t find my disc until I saw it sitting in the basket.

4A, of all the lefty positions, I aced the righty position, throwing a sidearm Star Destroyer. Funny story is that I lost the disc in the lake at Bayside, ended up snorkeling around and found the disc, then went to Morley the same day and aced it.

1D, Teerex (my go to disc).

1D, skip in.

Personal Favorite Disc:
White Star Boss 174gm, you can do everything with it, the perfect sidearm disc.

Favorite Driver:
See above

Favorite Midrange:
DGA Aftershock. Controllable, great glide, threw off Shark Tooth Mountain and it went 800+ft perfectly straight.

Favorite Putter:
Orange Omega Super Soft, 167gm. I call it 1K (if you know me, you know why).

Tourney wins or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):
Co-Winner 2009 Sun Valley Open Final 5 Double Skins Match (made the $1,000 putt for the win)
1st – Intermediate 2009 Morley Field Spring Fling
2nd – Intermediate 2009 Fling XIII (Chavez Ridge)
4th – Intermediate 2009 13th El Dorado Open
5th – Intermediate 2009 Emerald Isle Open, 2009 Santa Maria Open, 2009 Sun Valley Open

“In My Bag”:
174 gm Star Boss
175 gm Champion Boss
175 gm Star Xcalibur (1st Run)
175 gm Champion Groove
175 gm Champion Destroyer
175 gm Star Destroyer (2009 EIEIO Stamp)
172 gm Star Destroyer
175 gm Star TeeRex
172 gm Champion Firebird (Crystal Blue)
172 gm Elite Z Flash (2009 Memorial Stamp)
180 gm Elite Z Drone (2009 Worlds 1st Run)
175 gm DGA Shockwave (Morley Field Stamp)
175 gm DGA Aftershock (Chavez Ridge Stamp)
175 gm Champion Coyote
175 gm Omega Super Soft
167 gm Omega Super Soft 1K
Out of My Bag – a whole lot of monthly/tourney discs (60+)

Favorite Website:
SanDiegoAces, PDGA, MorleyField, DiscGolfers R US

Favorite Pro Players:
Bobby Musick, cool, calm, collective, down to earth, great knowledge of the game.

Paul McBeth, amazing skill, fun to watch, great talent, so much potential.

Tips For Other Players:
As the great ones say (Tiger, Jordan, Ali) confidence is the key to success.  Build your confidence and reinforce it by repetitive motion.

Putting – develop a style that you are comfortable with and then practice on a regular basis.  Putt at least 15-20 minutes before a round and work on your in-the-circle putts only.  Once you are making more than 90% of these putts with 100% confidence, then step back a few feet.  Treat every single putt like it is the last putt of your life to save the world (that might be a little extreme).

Driving – first learn what the disc you are throwing is supposed to do.  Go out to a field and throw all your discs straight, then hyzer, then anhyzer, over and over.  Learn how the disc responds in different winds, such as headwinds, tailwinds, and crosswinds. Then once you feel comfortable with the disc characteristics, practice your control and accuracy by throwing at a 250-300ft distance.  As you develop solid form, you can move the distance back.

This is not a power game, but a finesse game.  The perfect form and a smooth balanced transition of your body from beginning to end will out throw and maintain control over the big arms any day, just watch Ken Jarvis.  Most of all, stay positive, always concentrate on the next shot, and keep it in 5th gear from start to finish (thanx Beanieman).

And one last thing, this is a grassroots sport made up of thousands of disc golf volunteers to make this sport happen.  Do your part and find some way that you contribute to help build this sport and make it become a huge success for the future of disc golf.

Morley Player Profile: Emily Hardy

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IMG_4608Emily Hardy

PDGA#  26129

Division  Open Women

Sponsor: Baskethead Disc Golf


Began Playing Disc Golf:

I played competitive Ultimate frisbee for about 8 years before I discovered disc golf. I moved up to Lake Tahoe in 2001 for the winter season, and there was no ultimate team at the time.  So I decided to try disc golf. I showed up by myself at the Zephyr Cove course with one disc, no map, and no clue about how to play.  Lucky for me, some locals rolled up and kindly offered for me to join them. I’m so glad I did! Started playing tournaments in 2005.


First Disc:

It was a tie dye Stratus, which I still have. It’s so beat that its even understable at the Mountain High course.


Favorite Hole at Morley:

7, because there are no “gimme” birdie positions on this hole.


Morley Field Aces:

3: 14 C (star starfire),  15 C (my first ace ever- z predator), 16 A (x comet).


Favorite Disc:

The Z Buzzz is the best! You can throw it hard, it’s fast, and it’s stable. If I could only play with one disc, the Buzzz would be it.


Favorite Drivers:

Predator for overstable/windy conditions, Rogue for distance


Favorite Midranges:

Buzzz, Comet


Favorite Putter:

FLX Challenger–only the goldie will do!


In My Bag:
not a whole lot– mastering a few discs is easier than lugging around 20!

FLX Challenger

Z Buzzz

Y Comet

2-3 Rogues (various stability)

Z Predator

Pro Destroyer


Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):

07 Worlds, 2nd in Mixed Doubles

06 & 07 So Cal Championships, 1st,  Pro Women

06, U.S. Women’s Championships, 8th, Pro Women

07, Golden State Classic, 3rd, Pro Women


Favorite Disc Golf Website:   It’s like Facebook, but just for disc golf.


Favorite Pro Player:

Valerie Jenkins– She’s the top woman player in the world! She can throw it a mile and putt, too. Val is also really humble and friendly with everybody she plays with.  Val is great role model for younger players and an awesome ambassador for disc golf.


Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:

Go out to a field and practice.  Too many new players just go to Morley and think they’ll get better automatically.  If you want to best, fastest way to improve, get out to a park. Pick a particular skill that you want to work on, such as your grip, follow through, or keeping the disc low. Bring all of your discs and focus on just that skill.  You don’t have to worry about errant shots or taking too long.  You’ll see your game improve dramatically!


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