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Disc Flight Charts

Posted in Product Reviews with tags on September 16, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Thanks to our friends at Marshall Street Disc Golf and Gotta Go Gotta Throw for the updates to their superb disc flight charts. Look at em, study em, learn em, live em.

Joes Flight Chart – click
Marshall Street Disc Flight Chart – click

Disc Golf For The PS3 – “Hands On” Review!

Posted in Product Reviews, Video Games with tags , on September 2, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

We are thrilled to bring you a “hands-on” review of the disc golf section of Sports Champions w/ Move controller for the PS3. As an avid discgolfer and gamer, this reviewer can speak from a knowledge of the sport and it’s intricacies and fun factor.

In our terms…

– Graphics
– Fun factor
– Re-playability – multiple skill levels increase realism (putts dont stick like glue, etc…).
– Three tee positions on every hole add great variety

– Disc aerodynamics
– Gameplay physics
– Available throws – hyzers, anhyzers, thumbers, rollers, etc…
– Move controller feels at home in disc golfer’s hand
– Course design: Fun, varied holes. Elevation shots, water hazards, etc…
– Skills challenges (aim, accuracy , distance, etc…)
– Ability to add your own personal music during play

– In essence only one 18 hole course. Need two or three!  (to be fair the Disc Golf section of Sports Champions for the PS3 in one of six sports included in the package. One course with variations is fine/par, we just wished it had more! Can you say “PSN DG DLC ASAP!”?)

 Overall review: CHAINS!

reviewer update as of 9/21: My seven year old and I have continued to enjoy Sports Champions for the PS3, especially the Disc Golf section. With multiple skill level options players of all abilities can compete together in a round of up to four players. We have hosted a few evenings of virtual disc golf for friends both avid and newer players, ALL commenting positively on the fun and relative accuracy in capturing this wonderful sport of ours. The producers of the disc golf segment obviously went the extra mile to include the culture, from the tee signs to the unlockable fly-dye discs. Very cool. If you have a PS3 Sports Champions is A MUST HAVE!

Link to other reviews of Sports Champions for the PS3

Disc Golf Ringtone

Posted in Product Reviews with tags on August 29, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Click here for a cool disc golf ringtone for your phone courtesy of your friends at Discraft.

Latitude 64° Pro Disc Golf Bag

Posted in Product Reviews with tags , on August 28, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Is this the bag we’ve all been waiting for? Well,… It just might be!

As with other product reviews we will review this bag in three stages 1) initial impressions 2) 10 rounds of use and 3) 90 days of use.

We want to thank the pro shop at the Kit Carson Disc Golf Course for hooking us up with a bag for this review.

First Impression: Wow!
Build quality: A
Design: A
Aesthetics: Design: B+
Value: B+

This bag was OBVIOUSLY very well thought out. From the strong distinct risers on the bottom of the bag to keep the bag dry to the stool/umbrella holder, you can tell that there was a lot of input from disc golfers of ALL levels. Though this bag is designed and priced for the serious disc golfer little things were not overlooked for the weekender.

Here are a few of the features we like the most:
– Wide/deep opening on the top of the bag. The zippered disc compartment cover is heavily padded which makes the bag even more comfortable when folded back against the body.
– The putter pockets are easily accessible while walking and can ACTUALLY FIT putters. Many of the bags we’ve seen don’t seem to get this right. It feels very good!
– Three strong heavy-duty (quad)strap connectors placed on each side in the back, middle and front of the bag give the user many options for balancing the bag properly on the back.
– Two spacious side pockets and one over-sized front pocket, suitable for towels, clothes etc. The front pocket is what visually distinguishes this bag from others. It is a very sturdy, quarter-moon shapped design which we have recently seen used as a cooler. It’s not sealed or insulated but it can hold more beverages than you can probably drink in one (or two) rounds.

Company line:
– 2 padded dividers for keeping discs organized.
– 1.5 litre bottle holder
– Putter pocket for 2 discs
– Strong metal zippers
– Umbrella straps
– Water repellant wallet pocket with zipper
– Mobile phone pocket
– Mini marker pocket
– Pencil holders
– 2 sidepockets and one front pocket, suitable for towels, clothes etc.
– The main storage compartment holds up to 20 discs but the bag has a capacity for at least 10 discs more (if you use side pockets for discs)
– Includes a unique, padded, over the shoulders “harness” strap.
– Available in Black/Silver and Red/Gold.
Initial Impression: A

Again our thanks to the pro shop at Kit Carson Disc Golf Course. They have the Latitude 64° Pro Disc Golf Bag in stock and cheaper than online retailers. Stop by next time you play there and “kick the tires” on this great new bag!

A New Disc Golf Bag

Posted in Product Reviews with tags on March 4, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Large Nutsac

This review would have been posted sooner but it took us days to come up with an appropriate title for the article. We thought we’ll leave the jokes up to you, the reader. Good luck with that.

Our new friends over at the Disc Golf Station recently sent us two new Nutsac Disc Golf bags for review. Needless to say, these Nutsacs are very unique!

Nutsac Pros:
– Unique
– Low profile. Remove discs easily from the bag
– Very lightweight but heavy duty Cannonball Canvas
– Bag bottom fits curve of the disc
– Front pocket with snaps
– Weather flap
– The small Nutsac holds the perfect number of discs (6) for a casual round.
– The large Nutsac hold up to 14 discs in two divided compartments (and bottle holder)

Nutsac Cons:
– New ones kinda look like a purse. When they are beat in, they look pretty cool
– A little pricey (but Disc Golf Station has a good price on them!)
– Only one color

Look for one of our Nutsacs out on the course and see for yourself!

Disc Golf Station
Free shipping w/ no minimum order, ship your order same day if ordered before 3PM CST on weekdays.  They are also close to completion of a Disc Golf Course Locator and are preping for videos that demonstrate how certain discs (should) fly.

Keen Disc Golf Shoe: Final Review

Posted in Product Reviews with tags , , on February 23, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Round 10: 2/21/10

As promised, here is the final review for the Keen Disc Golf Shoe. Sadly it looks like our worst fears have come true.

At round #10 the shoes looked more like one year old than one month old. We do need to applaud Keen for listening to the desires of disc golfers in a shoe but this first effort fell short (especially for the respected Keen brand).

Our shoes (and some others we have seen on local courses) were not holding up too well. The rubber sole edges were beginning to shred. The uppers soles were cracking badly, some rubber seams were separating and lace eyelets were coming off.

“Cut to the chase” – compared to outdoor/trail shoes from Merrill, Salomon and Keen at the $100 price point-

Comfort: B
Durabiliy: D
Water Resistant: B (actually pretty good)
Pad Grip: C
Grass/Mud/Dirt Grip: C
Toe Box: C
Foot Protection: C-
Aesthetics: D

Overall C- (less than average compared to other $75-100 shoes)
Let’s hope there is a Keen Milo 2.0!

Disc Golf…Yeah, There’s Another App For That

Posted in Product Reviews, Video Games with tags , on January 22, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Attempts at Disc Golf Video games miss as bad as this writers putts, but every once in a while one actually goes in the basket. This past year saw many Disc Golf video games released for the Wii as well as a few Disc Golf “apps” released for the iPhone/iTouch. Recently a new Disc Golf game, iDiscgolf PRO for these devices was released and to the surprise of many (including myself), it’s actually very fun. Only one course is available at launch, lets hope for more soon. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better Disc Golf game at only $1.99. A-

On a related note… this editor recently received his long awaited iPhone only to find out that you can not purchase insurance for it through AT&T as you can for other cell phones through your carrier ($5 per month, etc…). Some digging online found that State Farm will insure iPhones / Blackberrys, etc… through a “Personal Articles Policy”. $30 per year, replacement cost, no deductible. The only policy that came close was through Safeguard which was $99 per year, no theft or damage replacement (basically an extended warranty). For questions regarding this policy we spoke to State Farm agent Caylyn Kraud at 858 451-0010.


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