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2013 Team Tourney Match Results

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2013 Team Tournament Winners – Arizona

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Pictures From 2013 Team Tournament

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A big thank you to Chris Mitzlaff for the great pics!


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2013 Team Tournament Initial Results – Arizona Wins!

Posted in Tournament on December 8, 2013 by morleyfieldsd

Arizona, Sylmar and San Diego all tied at 5-2. In the tie breaker Arizona went into the finals against Sylmar and beat them 10-2.

2013 Team Tournament Rosters (Final)

Posted in Tournament on November 30, 2013 by morleyfieldsd

Redwood Empire
derrick billings
gregg barsby
james proctor
john child
roger cansler
Justin Wilson
peter sontag
Scott Riley
kevin parkhurst
Jeff Fielder
mark karleskind
anni kreml

San Diego
Micah Dorius
Carlo Pelg
Max Nichols
George Spracklen
Tyler Tremelling
Maon Newstead
Dave Devine
Mike Westerman
Mike Slonim
Jeff Nichols
Fred Aguero
Shonda Garcia

Steve Rico
Gabe Cota
Wally Moore
Freddie Sotelo
Chris Horn
Bamba Rico
Jerry Goff
Gary Sandoval
Mike Byrne
Mike Roberts
Mark Horn
Ohn Scoggins

Santa Cruz
Avery Jenkins
Shasta Criss
Tony Tran
Myles Harding
Matt Bell
Chris Foss
Jon Baldwin
Jim Hagen
Marty Hapner
Doug Werner
Hunt Hyde
Carrie Berloger

Paul Ulibarri
David Feldberg
Ricky Wysocki
Andrew Bohme
Mike Lassuy
Mike Downes
David Neff
Javier Kowalski
Dan Ginnelly
Steve Wisecup
John Kirkland

Huntington Beach
Kyle Eckmann
Bobby Musick
Jeff Spohr
Mike Raley
Chris Kunde
Robet McIntee
Chris Brophy
Dan Duron
Mark Collicott
Steve Killian
Tom Clickner
McKayla Thomas

Angel Garcia
Trey McKelvey
Garrett Tapken
Scott Miller
Carl Huering
Shane Dehner
Ed Speakman
Greg Stanbro
Mike Tyberg
Randy Wylot
Greg Olsen
Elaina Crusher

Oak Grove
Philo Brathwaite
Randy Saab
Bryan Vagi
Jeff Thomas
Harold Hampton
Kyle Hughes
Dago Bribiesca
Ken McKelvey
Denny Bohanan
Robert Valenzuela
Mark Hassan
Erin White

Team Tournament 2013 Added Holes

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2013 Course Championship

Posted in Tournament on November 4, 2013 by morleyfieldsd

This year’s course championships had beautiful weather throughout. It’s a rare treat to be able to play on this course on the weekend with only other serious minded tournament players. The second round course is a special long and difficult layout only seen one time per year in this event only. Although the cause of much wailing and gnashing of teeth the players swear they love the challenge of this unusually difficult layout. The third round on Sunday morning is just the opposite with each hole in its easiest layout position allowing for lots of movement potential with a hot round.

Round one went to Team Garcia. Angel shot a -12 to lead the Open division and Shonda shot a +3 to lead the Women’s group. Round two saw scores skyrocket with only 5 players, all Open division, capable of shooting under par. Micah Dorius now 14 time course champion shot an amazing -6 for a new course record on that particular layout.  Micah’s -12 in the 3rd round and -7 in the final 9 gave him a 6 stroke victory over 2013 course champion Carlo Pelg.

In the Am division Team Maki lead after round one. Son Jonathan shot a -6 and father John a -5. Jonathan still had the lead after round 2 but faltered in the final round to a surging Kenny Summers who shot -9 in the final round to take a 3 stroke victory.

Players in the tournament received a red dry tek tourney shirt with pizza and salad lunch on Saturday. Carved wooden trophies by George Spracklen are a tradition for this event. Randy Wylot won the Grandmaster trophy for best score by a 50+ year old. Randy shot a tourney best -13 in the final round. He actually tied with Jeff Nichols but won the trophy by virtue of his better 3rd round score. Micah now 40 also won the Masters plaque for 40+ year olds.  There was one ace in the tournament. Trey McKelvey aced hole 18 in the third round.

Open Division

1-Micah Dorius -36 $270

2-Carlo Pelg -30 $190

3- George Spraklen -25 $125

4-Angel Garcia -24 $100

5-Tyler Tremelling $90

6T- Trey McKelvey $75

6T- Garrett Tapken $75

8th-Luke Christensen $60

9T-Randy Wylot $57 split

9T-Jeff Nichols $57 split

Women’s Division

1-Shonda Garcia +18 $55 prize pkg.

2-Amber Ivy +24 $40 “ “

3- Allie Robles +26 $30 “ “

Amateur Division

1-Kenny Sommers -9 $150 prize pkg.

2-Chris Parker -6 $101 “ “

3-Jonathan Maki -5 $95 “ “

4-Carlos Caballero -4 $90 “ “

5-Tracy Crowder -3 $85 “ “

6T-Dave Dohr -2 $77.50 “ “

6T-Will Griffn -2 $77.50 “ “

8-Garrett Russell -1 $70 “ “

9-James Barnes +1 $65 “ “

10T-John Maki +3 $55.50 “ “

10T-Mike Valli +3 $55.50 “ “

10T-Eric Repp +3 $55.50 “ “

13T-Josh Hesser +7 $47 “ “

13T-Don Vincent +7 $47 “ “

15-Heath Weiss +8 $43 “ “

16-Chet Morse +9 $40 “ “


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