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Not Disc Golf But Pretty Cool

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SoCal Disc Golf Course Maps

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Planning a Disc Golf road trip soon? … (if not you should!). Here are maps to some popular courses with SoCal to help you find your way around.

Chavez Ridge

Chino (Prado)


El Dorado (Long Beach)

Kit Carson

La Mirada (Back)

La Mirada (Front)

Montiel Park

Morley Field

Oak Grove


Thousand Oaks

Whittier Narrows



SoCal Map

View From Pyramid On Hole 5

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2010 Team Tourney Results

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1st-SD 6-1
2nd-SM 6-1
3rd-HB 6-1
4th-RE 4-3
5th-SC 3-4
6th-SDNC 2-5
7th OG 1-6
8th AZ 0-7
San Diego won in the finals 7-5 over Sylmar.
L 1) Micah Dorius 3 vs. Steve Rico 4
W 2) Carlo Pelg 6 vs. Gabe Cota 4
L 3) Josh Damron 3 vs. Chris Horn 7
W 4) Angel Garcia 4 vs. Bamba Rico 3
W 5) Mike Brown 7 vs. John Tompkins 2
L 6) Dave Devine 6 vs. Ken McKelvey 7
W 7) Mike Slonim 5 vs. Mike Byrne 3
W 8) John Heaton 8 vs Gary Sandoval 4
L 9) Paul Morgavo 4 vs. Jerry Goff 8
W 10) Jeff Nichols 7 vs. Rich Dionne 3
W 11) Snapper Pierson 4 vs. Mark Horn 1
L 12) Kayleen Boyle 2 vs. Jennifer Varnell 3
The event was not without controversy. At the end of round-robbin play there was a 3 way tie for first. The tie breaking scenario is spelled out in the WFDF Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports. “206.04 Tie Breaking Procedures: In round-robbin play, ties in which two teams have identical win/loss records, are broken by virtue of the head-to-head match in that round. If three or more teams are tied, the following procedure is used to advance one team:
A. If one of the teams has the best record against the other teams with whom they are tied in that round, advance that team.
B.If the tie remains, rank the net point totals of each team from those games played against the other tied teams, and advance the team with the best net point total.
If another team must also be advanced, the following procedure is used:
A. If advancement must be decided between two teams which remain from a previous three team tie, the head-to-head match in that round shall be used.”
San Diego got in on net point differential and Sylmar got in having beaten Huntington Beach in their preliminary round-robbin match. Huntington Beach was understandably disappointed on missing out on the finals having beaten San Diego 6 (37) vs. Huntington Beach 6 (38) in the preliminary round-robbin round.

Match 1

SD  7.5        VS   RE  4.5

HB  10         VS  OG  2

SC  7           VS   AZ  5

NC  6(30)    VS   SM  6(33)

Match 2

SM  7.5       VS  SC  4.5

NC  7          VS  AZ  3

SD  9          VS  OG  3

HB  7          VS  RE  5

Match 3

SD  9           VS  AZ  3

HB  5.5       VS  SM  6.5

SC  4.5        VS  RE  7.5

NC 6.5        VS  OG 5.5

Match 4

SC  8           VS  OG  4

NC  4          VS  RE  8

SD  9.5       VS  SM  2.5

HB  9.5       VS  AZ  2.5

Match 5

SD  8.5       VS  NC  3.5

HB  6.5       VS  SC  5.5

SM  6.5       VS  RE 2.5

AZ  5.5       VS  OG  6.5

Match 6

SM  9.5       VS  OG  2.5

AZ  3          VS  RE  9

SD  6.5       VS  SC  5.5

HB  8         VS  NC  4

Match 7

SD  6(37)   VS  HB  6(38)

SC  6(38)   VS  NC  6(35)

SM  7.5      VS  AZ  4.5

OG  5         VS  RE  7

2010 Team Tournament Info

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Course Closed To The Public During Tournament

Tournament Player Package – click here

Who Is This Morley Local?

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Morley Locals Crush SoCal Championships

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Congratulations to Angel Garcia, Morley local and Pro Shop employee for winning the advanced division of the 2010 SoCal Championship Series at La Mirada this past weekend. Morley swept the division with the top four places with great rounds by Daniel Litchman, Alex Nichols and Max Nichols.

PDGA Scoring

Scores in order :

Name Score Total
Angel Garcia -16 149
Daniel Lichtman -14 151
Alexander Nichols -13 152
Maxwell Nichols -13 152
Adazm Nash -7 158
Carl Renda -7 158
Benjamin Rutherford -6 159
Evan Taylor -6 159
Luke Christensen -6 159
Benjamin Farris -5 160
Joshua Damron -5 160
Rhett Stroh -5 160
Josh Marsh -3 162
Aj Risley -3 162
Spence Stevens E 165
Dale Chambless E 168
Eric Simmons 1 166
Brendan Sage 2 170
Danny Zwolenski 7 172
Joshua Hesser 9 177
Mark Hawking 10 178
Mike Henry 16 184
Brian Dowling 18 186
Amber Ivy 26 194
Laurie Stroh 29 197
Robert Martin 29 197
Mark Wilson 29 197
Michelle Chambless 30 198
E.j. Simmons 30 198
Natalie Cook 37 205
Sofia Martin 54 222
Rita Nash 60 228

Win A Disc Golf Videogame!

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You’ve been hearing about it from friends, the internet and on TV! Now is your chance to win the latest and greatest Motion Controller and Videogame with the best Disc Golf graphics and gameplay ever to hit the gaming world! is glad to be giving one copy away to a lucky discgolfer. All you need to do is send an email to and enter the word “CHAINS” in the subject line.

No further information is needed. The winner will be drawn at random and contacted for their shipping info. ONLY ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Multiple entries or spam will be disqualified. Contest closes Monday, October 18th. This drawing is for the game and controllers only. Good luck!

We Need Your Photos!

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If you have some photos of disc golf at Morley Field we’d love to see them! Send us jpegs or even links to pics at Flickr etc… and we’ll put them up on the website!

August Morley Montlhy

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The August Morley Monthly is this upcoming Saturday, August 21st.
Open $15.00
Advanced $12.50
Intermediate $10.00


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