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Over One-Half Million Served

Posted in Useless Information on January 7, 2014 by morleyfieldsd

Shameless self-serving tribute to the Morley Field website team? – Sure
Proud of over 500,000 views since 2010? – Dang straight!
Thanks Morley Field Website patrons!

Interesting Demographics

Posted in Useless Information on August 24, 2012 by morleyfieldsd

These stats come directly from the website as the number of visitors since March 1st 2012.
What does this say to you?

Morley-isms (Just For Laughs)

Posted in Humor / Comics, Useless Information on August 16, 2012 by morleyfieldsd

Some of the Morley-centric term’s collected over the years (or made up by the “author” of the article)

Bag of skittles – A bag of all candy plastic discs arranged in a rainbow

Morley burger – A JIB Breakfast Jack with hashbrowns in the middle

Cooler mud – place soft, cold, wet cooler on the ground, pick it up, drag it to the next hole, set it on bench. Cooler mud

Mr. Microphone – dude with over-developed vocal cords. Not neccasarily trying to talk loud yet can be heard from most surrounding holes. Guaranteed to cost all players on his card +3 strokes. Usually found obnoxious player but not always.

Baggette – A female bagger

Diaper bag – A brand new bag full of brand new discs

Fo… – the sound you hear .002 seconds before being clocked with a stray disc

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Our Peach Tree

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Posted in Useless Information on March 12, 2012 by morleyfieldsd


Sunday March 25 Pershing Drive and Florida Canyon Dr. will be closed from 7 AM till 11 AM for the HOT Chocolate 15 K run.

You will not be allowed to exit on to Pershing Dr from I-5 north or south during this time. You can only access the course from Redwood Street to the east of Morley field; police will motion cars to our lot one at a time.

It is suggested that you approach the course from the 94 or 805 and take 30th or 32nd street to Redwood St.

Police will also be metering cars into Morley field via Texas St. at Upas St.

All other recreational activities at Morley field will be utilizing this entrance therefore it is recommended that you approach the course from Redwood Street.

Sorry for the inconvenience

The 2010 “Morleys”: Video Of The Year

Posted in Useless Information, Video with tags on December 28, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

With well over 4,000 more hits than its closest competitor, “Disc Golf Head Shot” takes the Video Of The Year award at the “First Annual Morleys”.

Caution: may be hard to watch but it’s ok to laugh as the “recipient” was yours truly, mdub. Other than the drop of a few IQ points, all is well. Luckily it hit the hardest part of the body…the forehead. Although it looks staged, the “shot” was intended to fly waaaaaaaaaaay overhead.Way. Overhead.

New Morley Field Poll

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