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Disc Golf For The PS3 – “Hands On” Review!

Posted in Product Reviews, Video Games with tags , on September 2, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

We are thrilled to bring you a “hands-on” review of the disc golf section of Sports Champions w/ Move controller for the PS3. As an avid discgolfer and gamer, this reviewer can speak from a knowledge of the sport and it’s intricacies and fun factor.

In our terms…

– Graphics
– Fun factor
– Re-playability – multiple skill levels increase realism (putts dont stick like glue, etc…).
– Three tee positions on every hole add great variety

– Disc aerodynamics
– Gameplay physics
– Available throws – hyzers, anhyzers, thumbers, rollers, etc…
– Move controller feels at home in disc golfer’s hand
– Course design: Fun, varied holes. Elevation shots, water hazards, etc…
– Skills challenges (aim, accuracy , distance, etc…)
– Ability to add your own personal music during play

– In essence only one 18 hole course. Need two or three!  (to be fair the Disc Golf section of Sports Champions for the PS3 in one of six sports included in the package. One course with variations is fine/par, we just wished it had more! Can you say “PSN DG DLC ASAP!”?)

 Overall review: CHAINS!

reviewer update as of 9/21: My seven year old and I have continued to enjoy Sports Champions for the PS3, especially the Disc Golf section. With multiple skill level options players of all abilities can compete together in a round of up to four players. We have hosted a few evenings of virtual disc golf for friends both avid and newer players, ALL commenting positively on the fun and relative accuracy in capturing this wonderful sport of ours. The producers of the disc golf segment obviously went the extra mile to include the culture, from the tee signs to the unlockable fly-dye discs. Very cool. If you have a PS3 Sports Champions is A MUST HAVE!

Link to other reviews of Sports Champions for the PS3

Yet Another (bad) Disc Golf Video Game

Posted in Video Games with tags on June 21, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

o.k. now this is REALLY getting ridiculous…

The “long” anticipated Zoo Disc Golf is now available for the Wii. That’s right, you play this HORRIFIC “game” of disc golf as a penguin, meerkat, elephant etc… Words cannot describe the anger over the loss of 1000 Wii points to “purchase” this is WiiWare downloadable game. Even my 7 year old hated it and he likes to stare at blank walls for hours on end.

Save your money for the Playstation 3 Move Controller coming out this fall. It includes a great disc golf game. We’ve seen it, we jumped for joy! … literally

Note to Mario or Luigui – If you ever want to see Princess Peach again, meet me in the alley behind Saguaro’s Mexican food with my money back. I’m not kidding!

Disc Golf and Surfing For The Wii

Posted in Video Games with tags , , on June 3, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Big Beach Sports 2 returns with rugby, cricket, disc golf and football. Players also participate in competitions featuring surfing, canoe, water rocket and dune buggy races in either single player mode or through multiplayer challenges, going head to head with up to four players. Additionally, players can use the Wii Balance Board to ride the waves for a full-body surfing experience. Did you hear that? Finally a surfing game to use the Wii Balanace Board. Our experience tells us to not get our hopes up but hey, its a start! Read reviews of Big Beach Sport 1 here.

Watch for Disc Golf on the PS3 soon. Trust us, it will be great!

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 Returns To Disc Golf

Posted in Video Games with tags , on May 6, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

…and this time you can against your friends online!

Thant’s right. Now Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 for the Wii will offer simultaneous online play with up to four people. Check back here at for the first ever virtual disc golf tournament coming this summer!

The game will be available June 8th for $49.99 (mistresses sold separately).

Disc Golf For The PS3

Posted in Video Games with tags on March 24, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Seen it. Played it. Loved it!

This clip doesnt show the Disc Golf segment of the game but you’ll see the new Sony PS3 “Move” motion sensor controller.

Disc Golf…Yeah, There’s Another App For That

Posted in Product Reviews, Video Games with tags , on January 22, 2010 by morleyfieldsd

Attempts at Disc Golf Video games miss as bad as this writers putts, but every once in a while one actually goes in the basket. This past year saw many Disc Golf video games released for the Wii as well as a few Disc Golf “apps” released for the iPhone/iTouch. Recently a new Disc Golf game, iDiscgolf PRO for these devices was released and to the surprise of many (including myself), it’s actually very fun. Only one course is available at launch, lets hope for more soon. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better Disc Golf game at only $1.99. A-

On a related note… this editor recently received his long awaited iPhone only to find out that you can not purchase insurance for it through AT&T as you can for other cell phones through your carrier ($5 per month, etc…). Some digging online found that State Farm will insure iPhones / Blackberrys, etc… through a “Personal Articles Policy”. $30 per year, replacement cost, no deductible. The only policy that came close was through Safeguard which was $99 per year, no theft or damage replacement (basically an extended warranty). For questions regarding this policy we spoke to State Farm agent Caylyn Kraud at 858 451-0010.

Watch What You Wish For…

Posted in Video Games on July 27, 2009 by morleyfieldsd might just get it.

This time last year we had no disc golf video games. Thanks to the Nintendo Wii, as of 7/26/09 we now have five. The majority of them are mediocre at best, but two are definitely worth the purchase (Tiger Woods and Wii Sports Resort also include the Wii Motion Plus adapter).

This Editors “Hands On” Ratings:
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – 9.5
Wii Sports Resort – 9.0
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz – 6.0
Beach Sports – 5.0
Vacation Sports – 4.0


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