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Another Disc Golf Video Game?

Posted in Video Games with tags on July 21, 2009 by morleyfieldsd
ok… along with Tiger Woods 10,
this makes number five (see our reviews).
Most Wii owners began their foray into motion controlled videogaming with Wii sports (the pack-in with brand new Wii’s). Now comes Wii Sports Resort. This time around there are more in depth games including canoeing, skydiving, jet skiing, sword-fighting, wake boarding, archery etc… This new release is mainly to showcase the new Wii Motion Plus adapter. This new adapter allows a full 360 range of on screen motion. This was first implemented a few months ago with the Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii release.
The “Frisbee” section of the game includes a distance and accuracy challenge (with a mii dog) as well as a “Frisbee Golf” variation. Played on the same 18 hole course as the ball golf portion of the game with one minor change. Instead of a basket you throw through a cylindrical beam that rises from the ground. In this manner all you need to do is break the plane of the beam to “hole out”. Is this the future of disc golf?… laser beams?
The good news is that the adapter comes packed in with the game for $49.99. This package is well worth the cost. This game / adapter package will be released on July 26th.

Disc Golf For The Wii!

Posted in Video Games with tags , on June 12, 2009 by morleyfieldsd

Editors Review –
tiger-woods-pga-tour-10-wiiThis is a must have for and disc golf / Wii owner. You can play on 16 realistic golf courses – Pebble Beach, Doral, and even Torrey Pines!; to name a few (Torrey Pines must be unlocked during the ball golf section of the game…bummer). Do not buy this without the new Wii FullMotion control adapter. This new tecnology from Nintendo allows full 360 degree range of motion. This allows hyzer, anhyzer, rollers etc…. Save some money buy purchasing the bundle of game and adapter.

The game also adds realism through real-time weather. Your internet connected Wii will access the local weather in your area and incorporate those conditions into your round. This definitely makes a difference. There are a lot of cool features like that that make this a must have video game.

Putting is a little too easy and many birdies are to be had but you will agree to the standards after playing a few rounds. Overall rating (disc and that silly ball golf game) we’ll give it a 9.5. The ONLY issue aside from not being able to play all the course at the start, which stop it from receiving a 10 is that the Wii graphics are good but not great (as expected on this limited platform).

Graphics – 9
Control – 10
Fun Factor – 10
Difficulty – Normal (6 year old beat me by 2 strokes disc golfing at Pebble Beach)
Players – Up to four at one time
Discs – Three: Driver, midrange, putter
Playing disc golf at Torrey Pines… priceless!

editors note – Thanks to Tiger Woods for puting his name behind our sport. Thanks (sarcastically) to Tiger Woods for the upcoming throngs of crowds to the already overloaded Morley Course and parking. lol

Tiger Woods Disc Golf!

Posted in Video Games on April 24, 2009 by morleyfieldsd

To be released on the Wii June 15, 2009

Disc Golf Video Games

Posted in Video Games with tags on April 14, 2009 by morleyfieldsd

We have all heard the rumors, and seen the “meeting minutes” from the PDGA meetings about a disc golf video game. The odds of this happening in our lifetime are 50/50 but we are not left in the cold. There are actually 3 disc golf games for the Nintendo Wii. Well, not actually a standalone disc golf game, but disc golf in a collection of other sports games – Beach Sports, Vacation Sports and Super Monkey Ball. Luckily none of the games are more than $20 and if you have a child, niece / nephew etc… the other games included make it work your hard earned “discretionary funds”. None of the titles are very realistic and you will probably feel more embarrassed caught playing the Wii on these titles but hey… “beggars can’t be choosers”.

Let start with the first one released: Beach Sports.big20beach20sports20wii
Cutesy, mii type characters, sidearm / forehand / Tomahawk throws, “Driver” / Midrange / Putter discs,  wind affects the throws, 18 holes (with one Windmill hole!). Also includes Volleyball, beach football, cricket, soccer and boccie ball. Online reviews – 4 stars out of 10, this reviewer… this is the funnest and most “realistic” (comparatively) of the 3 but VERY wii-ish, ok graphics, with the other games included, give it a 5 out of 10.

Most recent release: Vacation Sports008888175124f
Includes the best looking (comparatively) game but only 9 holes (on a golf course interestingly enough). No sidearm, tomahawk, drivers etc. This game does though allow you to use a hyzer / anhyzer type throw using a 3-D aiming system. Could have been the best in the bunch if it had more holes. Other games include cricket (again!), boccie ball (again!), dodgeball, air hockey, foosball, go-carts and darts. Online reviews – 3 stars out of 10, this reviewer… fun for a while, could have been the best one, ok graphics, lame premise, with the other games included, give it a 4 out of 10.

Lastly: Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitzsuper_monkey_ball_banana_blitz
After all is said and done this will be the one you will continue to play after the whole “disc golf on the wii” honeymoon is over. The dsiv golf portion is challenging but a little funk to control. In addition your character is a baby monkey! If you can choke down playing disc golf as a monkey the you and you family or friends will enjoy this one the most overall. The actual game “Super Monkey Ball” game is very fun. Disc golf and other mini games make it the best value in the long run. Online reviews avg. 7.5 out of 10. This reviewer gives it 7 out of 10.

Have fun playing disc golf (kinda…) on the wii. If you don’t tell anyone, we won’t.


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