June Monthly Results

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June 2014 Monthly
1-Patrick Paramore -18 $65
2-Mike Tyberg -17 $45
3-Mike Lust -13 $25
1-Garret Russell -10 $36 shop credit
2-Josh Hesser 0 $30 “ “
3-Derek D +1 $26 “ “
1-Ryan R. -10 $32 shop credit
2-Steve F. -6 $26 “ “
3-Will D -5 $22
4-David R. -3 $19
1-David W +6 $24 shop credit
2-Kyle H +7 $20 “ “
3-Phillip B.-+10 $18 “ “
4-Nate B. +11 $16 “ “
Aco pool $41 not won


June Monthly

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May Monthly 2014 Results

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1st-Tyler T -21 $75

2nd-Greg St. -14 $50

3rd-Jason P. -13 $29


1st-Mike T. -13 $ $49.5 shop credit

2nd-Andrew A. -12 $40 “ “

3rd-Derek D. -11 $32 “ “

4th- Josh H. -9 $28


1st Javier -4 $34 shop credit

2nd- Shaun L. -3 $29 “ “

3rdT-Ryan R -2 $23 “ “

3rdt- Todd -2 $23 “ “

5th- Tommy Gunz -1 $17 “ “

Ace pool $141 split – Steve F. and Andrew A.

Local Legend – John Kirkland on Disc Golf

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7863229_origNice article from the San Diego Reader about local legend and “Disc Golf Hall of Famer” John Kirkland
PDGA #100
Read HERE.

Ranger Bags Back In Stock Soon!

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Check out these new designs!Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 12.52.06 PM

Read our review HERE

May Monthly

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Morley Player Profile: Jeremy Reynolds

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Jeremy J. Reynolds946726_10152479071204418_1040051445_n
PDGA#: 62041
Division: Rec, but as I get better I will move up divisions as time goes by

Began Playing Disc Golf?:
I started playing in 2012. My friend Brian Duran took me to Sun Valley Golf Course to show me the sport to me. It was brand new to me. I have never heard of the sport ever. I played with some discs he gave me because I didn’t have any discs of my own. I think I did alright that day. And after that I got a bag and some discs, since then I play as much as possible and play in as many tournaments as I can. I usually play 1-2 times a week now. He showed me how to play the sport and now I can not get enough of it. I am so excited to go to the course and throw plastic. My usual courses I go to are; Sun Valley, Morley Field, and Kit Carson Disc Golf course.

First Disc?:
My first disc that was given to me was a tsunami-170. But really my first disc that I call my own, because I feel that my first disc was the disc that I bought first. And that disc was a Vector Eclipse Glow Proton-180.

Favorite Hole at Morley and Why?:
I would probably say my favorite hole at Morley Field would be hole 6. I love how hole 14 is a blind throw from the top of the hill. It helps me with aiming and consistency to a blind basket.

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