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Player Profile: Adam C Aguilera

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Name: Adam C Aguilera


Began Playing Disc Golf?:
I began playing disc golf at the ripe old age of 8 years old. My uncle Frank Aguilera used to run the pro shop at Oak Grove (1984 or 5ish) and I would go out with him and all his buddies (Zimmerman Stokley, Sheldon, the Lissamens and the likes, I even remember a very young Steve Rico). Watching these titans of the old school was very motivating. I remember a wintertime open tournament sponsored by BUD LITE!!! So I played recreationally (or scarcely) until moving to north park about three minutes by skateboard from Morley. Then I started playing seriously. Motivated by the Jarvis twins and Micah Dorius until I believe 1999 Spring Fling at Morley placed 3rd Am. Won my first PDGA contest where I retired for a decade due to being a young and arrogant poor sport. Fast forward 2009 I am back and now a little more mature with a renewed passion and love for the sport.

PDGA#: 38257

Division: Open

First Disc?:
This a tuff one. First disc for golf had to be a Midnight Flyer. The Aero Driver was my first driver.

Favorite Hole at Morley and Why?:
My favorite hole at Morley has to be a tie between 5, 6, and 7 all long. Or pro tee 8 any of the longs.

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Spring Fling 2014!

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Set your calendars to Saturday, April 19 for the 2014 edition of Morley Field’s annual Sping Fling

Look for more details here soon!

January Monthly 2014

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1st-Jason Perdue -17 $85
2nd-Noel -13 $53
3rd-Matt Howard -12 $30

1st-Chris Wright -10        $36 shop credit
2ndT-Brady -8 $29 “ “
2ndT-Josh H. -8 $29 “ “
4thT-Stephan P-5 $25        “ “       
4thT-Derek D -5 $25 “ “
4thT-Drewski -5  $25 “ “
7thT-Mike F. -4 $22 “ “
7thT-Eric R -4 $22 “ “
7thT- Eric D. -4 $22 “ “

1st-Dan B. -3 $30 shop credit
2nd-Kyle -2 $20 “ “
3rd- Bob M. -1 $15 “ “

Ace pool $90 Dan B.

Over One-Half Million Served

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Shameless self-serving tribute to the Morley Field website team? – Sure
Proud of over 500,000 views since 2010? – Dang straight!
Thanks Morley Field Website patrons!

Morley Field Archive Videos

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This writer was lucky enough to play Morley “back in the day”. A much different course and experience. Watch some of these videos and be ready to have your mind blown on some now unrecognizable holes.

Have fun!


Morley Monthly Schedule (so far)

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Saturday, Jan 11
Saturday, February 8
Saturday, March 15

All Divisions
Limit to 48 players
8am tee off times


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