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More New Courses In 2010

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Head on over to the San Diego Aces website for info on the upcoming Ice Bowl at Salt Creek Golf Course in February. 2010 will be the year of new disc golf course(S) in San Diego!

For info on the upcoming Kit Carson Park course, scroll down below.

North vs. South San Diego Team Tournament

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slide11On February 14, the North County team travelled south for the completion of the North vs. South San Diego Team Tournament.  Some competitors were unable to make the tournament but there were a few disc golfers willing to fill in as substitutes.  The singles round started around 9am at Morley Field.  It had rained the night which made the course a little muddy but the sun was out in the morning and made for a great morning of disc golf.  In the afternoon, the competition moved over to Sun Valley for a round of doubles.  Again, the rain made the course a bit muddy which resulted in quite a few tombstones and some tough footing on the hillsides.  

The North team began the day with an 8 point lead (136-128)  but the South team received some strong play in their singles matches and took a 26 point lead into the afternoon doubles round.  Once the doubles round finished, the South increased their lead to 36 points (300-264) to secure a victory in the first annual tournament.  The results of the matches are below.  An asterisk (*) indicates a substitute from the original lineup.

John Heaton* 2    9 Carlo Pelg
Mike Slonim 3    6 Jeff Nichols
Tom Olson 5    8 Dave Vin¢ent
Miker Ramos 9    4 Dean Porter
Kevin Gomez 2    7 Jared Person

Dan Shorkey 6    4 Randy Wylot

Dave Parnell 8    3 Chance Stevens*
Dave Roper 6    1 Brendon Wear
Big D 5    2 Alex Nichols
Justin F 5    4 Trey McKelvey*
Mike Tyberg 10    2 Jeremiah Price
Aaron V 4    6 Josh E*
Adam Cook 10    2 Dave Lewis
David Wallace 3    7 Don Vincent
Chris Givans 8    3 Richard
Bobby Martin 6    4 AJ Worden
Ben Rutherford 13    2 Norm Newsome
Clark Jackson 9    2 Alex Lawn

Emily Hardy 5    3 Allison Wylot
Latoya Padilla 1    7 Sofia Martin


South 120     86 North

John H & Latoya 4    6 Carlo & Sofia
Mike S & Emily 6    7 Jeff & Allison
Tom & Clark 5    6 ¢ent & Alex L
Miker & Ben 8    3 Dean & Norm
KG & Bobby 6    3 Jared & Richard
Shorkey & Chris 2    4 Chance & AJ W
Parnell & Sean Olson* 8    1 Brendon & Dave L
Roper & Adam 4    2 Alex N & Don
Big D & Aaron 6    5 Trey & Randy
Justin & Mike T 3    5 Jeremiah & Josh E


South 52     42 North



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