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Player Profile: Jason Erik Tydingco “JET”

Posted in Player Profiles with tags , on February 10, 2014 by morleyfieldsd

Jason Erik Tydingco “JET”
PDGA#: 56202
Division: Advanced

Began Playing Disc Golf?: 1001019_10203426245206178_1023452184_n
18 February 2012. My cousin Jose Duran invited me to play “disc golf” at morley field. I had never heard of disc golf before, and had no idea what he was talking about. Jose explained the game real quick, and I laughed in his face and made fun of him… Disc golf sounded like a girly sport and a waste of time. After playing holes 1-5 at Morley I went to the shop and bought 5 discs! I have been hooked ever since!

First Disc?:
I bought 5 discs my very first time ever playing… Angel Garcia was working the shop and I asked him what I should buy.
Angel sold me – DX ROC, Star Dart, KC Pro 12X ROC (still have it), Champion Roadrunner, Champion Mamba. Thanks Angel! hahaha

Favorite Hole at Morley and Why?: 
My favorite hole at Morley has to be hole 1. Doesn’t matter the pin position I just like hanging out before rounds, after rounds etc. and watching other people approach the hole. When I was a newbie at the course I didn’t know much about the game or disc selection. I would hang out at Hole 1’s bench and try to link up with good players or groups of players to learn more about the game. I’ve had the privilege to shoot rounds with sponsored players, knowledgeable players, players that ran their mouths too much until my score at the end of the round shut them up!… LOL…

Morley Field Aces?:
My one and only Ace is 9C… My little brother was there to see it. It was with a MVP Axis 180g, it was a straight laserbeam shot, clipped a tree branch, hit a tree to the right bounced hard left, hit another tree and kicked right into the cage! It was ridiculous!

Favorite Disc and Why?:
11X Firebird 175g
I always have two of them in my bag. I love the feel of the 11x plastic, and the firebird just does exactly what I want it to do! Plus, I throw a mean thumber and the 11x plastic seems to hold up better than the 12x plastic.

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